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The Knights in Training Program
The Knights in Training (K.I.T. for short) program is both unique and intensive.  Those who wish to be Knights undergo a year long program to learn Horsemanship, Armoring techniques, The Knights Code, and other aspects of being a Knight.
Upon completion, the K.I.T. goes through a "test" of skill and is then advanced in rank to the next level.  A knight who has completed the requirements then becomes eligible for a place in leadership.
Our school is one of the only known schools to train knights.  Lord Raven is a veteran knight with much experience and training.  Lord Raven was also ranked as number three in the world of Jousting 2001 and has won numerous tournements since.
We are an affiliate of the American Jousting Alliance and attain to its standards.


Attention Knights who are also Gamers:
Chris McKillip, owner of SP Ent., has started building a competition Jousting game. More details coming soon. Be sure to support their efforts!

Lord Raven, Knights Master

Sir Ellis, Knight

Sir Beowulfe, Knight

More on knights.

Sir Richard, K.I.T.
Rico , K.I.T
Garret Jacks , K.I.T

Knights are honorable, trustworthy, and a friend to those in need.