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A HeartyWelcome to All

It is nearing HALLOWEEN once again and we want to acknowledge a few Haunts Wuhahaaa


World Finals being held in Estes Park Colorado
September 10-12

Our Knights would like to challenge other knights, squires, grounds man, and others who are interested to embark on a true modern day crusade. A 5,000 mile pilgrimage across our nation to benefit breast , prostate and children's cancer research. This pilgrimage will be in April of 2009 and will start in Hitchcock, Texas near Galveston. It is being organized by Bill Underwood of the Quixote project. You can reach him by phone at 409-933-4648, or e-mail him at quixoteproject@yahoo.com for more details. We will also post updates on all of our sites.
 A boy King to rule, or a Man in the making?
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