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Chelonia is a Christian based organization with the mission of guiding and protecting the youth of our communities through education and training then helping to guide them through their adult lives. Our motto is "Knowledge is Power".
We focus on rebuilding those aspects of our community which are being lost to what we call "The Mine Syndrome".
As a child growing up, my father witnessed first hand what it meant to be a community.  If a person needed to build a barn then a barn raising was held and the whole town turned out.  If there was a need in the community through disaster, death, or other, the whole community came together to help with the situation.
Though there has only been a 30 year gap, in today's society people feel that if something happens to you then oh well, get a loan or something. What Chelonia is about is reinstilling value, virtue, and harmony back into our world. 
We do this through various projects that will help those who have a need to become self sufficient.
Some programs we are proposing:
- Housing for At Risk Youth and Families
- A Community Internet Cafe
- Financial Planning Seminars
- Limited Financial Assistance
- A Community Garden
If you have any questions or would like to be a part of our organization please contact us at:
891 F.M. 3299
Emory, Texas, 75440
(903) 366-3637
Jerry Gordon
CEO and Operations Manager

If you would like to know more about our ministry:

Knowledge is Power