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Ravens Loft Village Merchants

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2007 Ravens Loft Merchants
Sherwood Forrest Archery
Camelot Armoury
Totally Shaven
Serenity's Kitchens
Knight Wears
Scottish Outpost


Strolling down the lanes of Raven's Loft Village, you will be delighted with the crafts and wares of our artisans and shopkeepers.  Rest yourself beneath the spreading oak tree and chat with our Blacksmith, or enter the castle proper to shop in cool comfort.

What will suit your fancy?  New clothing or a pretty piece of jewelry for the lady, perhaps?  Fine armor, weapons or chainmail for the good warrior?  See our exotic fabrics or sample a fragrance from the Mystic East.  Mayhap the gypsies can foretell good fortune and love in your future, or adorn you with exotic art...

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