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Ravens Loft Faire Management Team
Each of us is dedicated to making sure that you have a blast.  We personally invite you to come and enjoy yourselves for the day.  If you have questions, concerns, or ideas contact us.
    Ravens Loft Faire
891 FM 3299
Emory, Texas, 75440
(903) 366 3637
The Management Team

Lord Raven, CEO and Knights Master

Joust Information, Site Rental, Vendor and Performer Contracts.

Lady Serenity, Business Manager

Performer and Vendor Contracts, Celtic Fyre Business Manager

Athos, Vice President of Raven's Loft Faire

Wedding Packages, Site Information, Public Relations and Media, Cast

Wolfè Peavley, Web Master

Wolfè is our Web Master.

Your donations will be a great help with so many different things. We truly appreciate you.

Life is short yet wondrous.  You have to see it through your heart to enjoy it.